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Upcoming Events


Apollo Chick-Fil-A Night
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM



KG Field Trip
09:00 AM to 3:00 PM
to Sedgwick County Zoo

Apollo Campus Announcements

The school day begins at 8:45 a.m.  Students may enter the building no earlier than 8:30 a.m.  If you need before or after school care for your child, please contact the YMCA Latchkey at 316-264-1610, ext. 255.


Please call the Apollo office at 794-4090 by 9:30 a.m. if your child is going to be tardy or absent.  Thank you.

State Assessment Schedule

3rd & 4th Grade State Assessments
have been cancelled for the school year.

Field Trips

1st Grade to Wichita City Arts Museum
Tuesday, April 8
Depart: 9:00 am
Return:  2:30 pm
KG to Sedgwick County Zoo
Tuesday, April 29
Depart:  9:00 am
Return:  3:15 pm
1/2 Day KG Return: 11:45 am
4th Grade to Tanganyika Wildlife Park
Monday, May 5
Depart:  9:00 am
Return:  2:15 pm
1st Grade to Sedgwick County Zoo
Friday, May 9
Depart:  9:30 am
Return:  2:30 pm
3rd Grade to Wichita City Arts
Thursday, May 15
Depart:  9:00 am
Return:  3:30 pm
2nd Grade to D'Marios in Cheney
Mrs. Graber and Mrs. Vieta's classes
Thursday, May 15
Depart:  10:45 am
Return:  2:15 pm
KG to Exploration Place
Friday, May 16
Depart:  9:30 am
Return:  3:00 pm
3rd Grade to Wichita Art Museum/Riverside Park
Mrs. Cressler and Mrs. Casebolt's classes
Tuesday, May 20
Dapart:  9:30 am
Return:  1:30 pm
2nd Grade to D'Marios in Cheney
Mrs. Hubert and Mrs. Klausmeyer's classes

Tuesday, May 20
Depart:    10:45 am
Return:  2:15 pm
3rd Grade to Wichita Art Museum/Riverside Park
Mrs. Archer and Mr. McElroy.'s classes

Wednesday, May 21
Dapart: 9:30 am
Return: 1:30 pm



Thursday, May 22
9:15 - 11:00 am - KG, 1st & 2nd grades
1:00 - 2:45 pm - 3rd & 4th grades
3:00 pm - Tug of War in the gym for all




Apollo Lunch Periods

Time                      Teacher
11:20 – 11:45      Scheer
11:22 – 11:47      Skidmore
11:24 – 11:49      Wells
11:26 – 11:51      Belt
11:28 – 11:53      Ziegler
11:30 – 11:55      Jones
11:32 – 11:57      Cavanaugh
11:51 – 12:16      Cressler
11:53 – 12:18      Casebolt
11:55 – 12:20      Archer
11:57 – 12:22      McElroy
11:59 – 12:24      May
12:01 – 12:26      Peters
12:03 – 12:28      Gift
12:30 – 12:55      Hubert
12:32 – 12:57      Klausmeyer
12:34 – 12:59      Graber
12:36 – 1:01        Vieta



 Kindergarten Screenings
Wednesday, April 16
Thursday, April 17
**No School for Kindergarten students**

If your child will be attending Kindergarten next year
and you have not scheduled a screening,
please contact the Apollo office at 316-794-4090
to schedule your student's screening.

No School

Friday, April 18
Professional Development Day



Apollo Students Perform the "Happy" Dance
Click on Q, please be patient as it takes a few minutes to load.



Library time
Mrs. Belt's class in PE
3rd Grade Science
Fun in PE!
Claiming a raffle prize won during Bingo
Getting ready for Bingo
Bingo is always more fun with a friend!
Mrs. Markham and Mr. Cavanaugh help get everyone ready to play Bingo!
A great crowd showed up to play Bingo!
Bingo fun!
Bingo is a great family fun night!
PTO Bingo @ Apollo
Students enjoy Bingo night
Mrs. Skidmore's class with Valentine cards
Mrs. Klausmeyer's students mix their bread dough
Mrs. Hubert helps the students mix the bread dough
2nd grade students make bread
Fun at Apollo Skate Night!
Mrs. Gift's Kindergarten class listen to Joyce from Great Plains Nature Center as she talks about the salamander she brought.
Kindergarten students learned that the ornate box turtle is an omnivore.
Joyce from Great Plains Nature Center tells Kindergarten students about the ornate box turtle
Mrs. May's class displays their winter artwork
"We love you Mrs. Clapp"
4th Science Fair displays are set up in the gym on Dec. 9th
Science Fair projects
Parents visit the 4th grade Science Fair
Just Dance during indoor recess in Mrs. Gift's class
Students make gifts for family/friends in Santa's Workshop sponsored by PTO
EHS students help in Santa's Workshop
Rockin' a beard at a very young age!
Who are those bearded men? Apollo students raised $680 during the Duck Dynasty Beard contest by voiting for their favorite bearded man. The money is being donated to the Kansas Food Bank.
Duck Dynasty Beard contestants: Mr. Shawn, Mr. Albert, Mr. McKay, Mr. Ford and Mr. Cavanaugh
Even Bear participated in Duck Dynasty day!
The Beard Contest winner is Mr. Ford! He is presented with a student made ghillie shirt.
Is that Dr. Henry in a ghillie suit?
Way to go Apollo students! You raised $680 during the Duck Dynasty beard contest. The money is being donated to the Kansas Food Bank.
Mrs. Hochstein and Mrs. Wagner emcee the Duck Dynasty assembly
Students during the Duck Dynasty assembly
Duck Dynasty assembly
Apollo students dress in camouflage for Duck Dynasty day
Apollo's best friend "Bear" in her Halloween costume
Halloween parade
We are cheering you on JC!
Apollo staff show their support for JC
Wow! We're riding in a limo!
4th grade winners give the limo experience a thumbs up!
Karaoke in the limo
Fun in the limo!
A princess in the limo!
I could get used to this!
4th grade fund raiser winners take a limo to McDonald's!
Driver, take us to McDonald's please!
Limo ride & lunch for 2nd & 3rd grade fundraiser winners
Kindergarten & 1st grade students who sold 25 or more items during PTO fundraiser
Kindergarten & 1st grade students win limo ride to McDonalds during PTO Fundraiser
Happy Halloween from JC!
Halloween fun!
Mrs. Belt's ghouls and goblins
Masked students enjoy Halloween treats
Mrs. Belt's class celebrates Halloween
Two witches bring order to the lunchroom on Halloween day!
Crazy Hat day in Mrs. Clapp's classroom
Dolphin trainer
A princess enjoys ghouslishly good treats!
These yummy treats make me smile!
A Candy Corn Witch shows up at Mrs. Ziegler's Halloween party
4th grade sure has aged you Carsyn!
Halloween parade
Cupcakes are always better with sprinkles!
Rockin the Halloween party
Mrs. Jones' students enjoy their Halloween party
Yummy Halloween treats!
Who is that masked student?
Halloween party in Mrs. Graber's classroom
Mrs.Graber's Halloween goblins
Mrs. Cressler's students enjoy Halloween treats
Mrs. Clapp's class poses for Halloween pics
Halloween party in Mrs. Casebolt's class
Mrs. Casebolt's class celebrates Halloween
Apollo students @ Carousel skate party
A Wichita Fireman explains his protective fire gear to Apollo kindergarten students
Apollo Office Staff: "Guess What Day It Is"
Apollo students celebrate grandparents by inviting them to lunch
Visitors at lunch
Nurse Glover checks students' vision
Grandparents visit for lunch during October
Mrs. Clapp's class
Mrs. Clapp's students get a closer look inside the fire truck
Mrs. Clapp's class during Wichita Fire Department visit
Members of the Wichita Fire Department visit with Kindergarten students
Kindergarten students learn from the Wichita Fire Department what to do during a fire
Fun run warm up led by Mrs. Graber
Warming up before the Fun Run
Water break during the Fun Run
Apollo Fun Run/Walk
Fun Run participants
Relaxing after the Fun Run
Apollos Fun Run - Saturday, Oct. 12
Apollo families take part in the Fun Run on Saturday, Oct. 12
Mrs. Klausmeyer's class enjoys their field trip to Klausmeyer Farms
Mrs. Skidmore's class
4th grade Science
Is that a cow eyeball?
4th grade students dissect cow eyeballs in Science
4th grade Science class
Dissecting cow eyeballs in Science
Getting ready to dissect cow eyeballs
Mrs. Ziegler's class dissects cow eyeballs in Science
Constitution Day poster
Apollo students celebrate Constitution Day
Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance
Celebrating Constitution Day
Mrs. Markham talks to the students about Constitution Day
Students wear red, white & blue for Constitution Day



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