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Frequently Asked Questions?

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 May I eat lunch with my child

You are welcome to eat lunch with your child any day of the week. Our lunch time is 11:22 -11:47. You may bring outside food in or you may eat a school lunch with your child. If you would like to eat a school lunch please let me know before 8:45am that day. If you are bringing in outside food your child will just let me know that they are not eating a school lunch that day. I look forward to seeing you when you are able to come in.

May I bring in birthday treats for my child's birthday?

 Yes, you are welcome to bring in or send birthday treats for a birthday celebration. Please check with me in advance so that we do not have a conflict of any allergies, number of students and conflict of day and a time. If you are going to bring the items in we would generally have the celebration at the end of our day, for example 3:30 if it works for everyone. We will meet in the cafeteria to set up.  Thanks again for getting ahold of me in advance.

May my child bring a snack to school?

Yes, your child may bring a snack to eat during our recess time. Please make sure it is something easily opened and can be eaten by your child during the recess period. They are responsible to throw away their trash from snack.

What if my child needs to miss school for an appointment?

We understand some offices do not accommodate school hours. Please try and set your child's appointment up as early in the day as possible or as late in the day as possible so that they miss only a little of the school day. Please let our office know AND myself for attendance purposes and makeup work.  OFFICE CONTACTS: and   Thank you!

How important is the Nightly Reading Assignment?

Reading EVERY NIGHT can make or break your child's learning curve when it comes to daily practice. If they are not a strong reader this is the BEST WAY to provide a great foundation for them. With daily practice comes future fluency and a knowledge of more words. Knowledge of more words means faster reading and spring boarding to higher level books. If your child entered 1st grade with some reading, then practice will have them in higher level books and growth in new vocabulary words.

What is Encore Recess?

This recess is the second free time of our day. Your child has this recess available to them as long as their daily work has been completed. If your child does not complete their daily work because of the way they spend their work time then this recess allows them to catch up their work. When their work is done they can leave the encore work room and join their class during the second recess time.

Are there any tips on practicing spelling words?

I would suggest going over the words on Monday to see which words your child may struggle with. If they don't know how to spell any of the words that is okay because you are starting on Monday to check. Find familiar rhymes in the words and study them in that order. For example at, then do all the at like words....hat, cat, fat. Point out to your child what changes. Use a different color or highlight the part that changes.  Writing the words down is important because that's how I will test them. Please make sure they are using lower case letters when writing. Keep practicing the rest of the days of the week a few words at a time. Don't hesitate to ask me if your child seems to be struggling and we will go over some additional ways to help out! :)

Why do first graders need to practice Math Flash Cards?

First grade is the foundation for addition and subtraction. All other math will come so much easier to them if they know their math facts quickly. They will quit relying on counting forward or backward and just KNOW basic facts. Practice will work! Find fun ways to celebrate reaching a math goal you set together. THANK YOU for supporting and helping your child become proud of their math skills!

Is there a Show and Tell Time?

There is not a group show and tell time for our class. We will have STAR STUDENT time each Friday until every student has been a "STAR STUDENT"! Your child will bring home a Star Student sheet to complete. This sheet lets us know more about your child, for example: Favorite color, food, toy, etc... who is in their family, whether you have pets.  Your child will be able to bring pictures from home and one show and tell item.  They will SHARE their sheet, pics and item on the Friday selected for them. I go from top and bottom and meet in the middle of class names when making the selection of Star Student.





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