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Behavior Policy

4th Grade Classroom Behavior Management Plan


In our classroom, we rely on a clipboard to help students monitor their own behaviors and to encourage positive attitudes.  Our clipboard is simply a spreadsheet with each student’s name and days of the week.  It follows the students from class to class and stays with each teacher.  It is not on display, but children may ask to see their own record at appropriate times.

Each day is a new beginning and every child starts the day with no marks.  Agenda books are stamped each morning with the following stamp:


E=Excellent (no marks that day)

S=Satisfactory (1-2 marks that day)

N=Needs improvement (3-4 marks that day)

U=Unsatisfactory (more than 4 marks that day)

Students will receive a mark only for the specific behaviors listed above in the stamp.  Other marks can be given for: not having their agenda signed, not keeping their hands/feet to self, not having their materials, not putting their name or appropriate heading on their paper.

The consequences in our classroom are as follows: 1) student is verbally reminded to change inappropriate behavior 2) if the behavior is repeated a mark is written on the clipboard 3) repeated marks result in a “Think Time” which will help the student target and learn how to productively work through problem areas (the Think Time sheet will come home to be signed) 4) parents are contacted if behaviors continue/escalate 5) student will be sent to the counselor or principal’s office for further problem solving.

At the end of each day the stamp will be circled by the student if they had an Excellent day and by the teacher if they received any marks.  The specific behavior will also be circled.  Agendas are to be initialed/signed each night!!

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