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Apollo Library Policies and Procedures

Apollo Parents and Students

Welcome to Our Policy and Procedure Page


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Kindergarten - One book limit.

1st grade - One book until Christmas break and then students are allowed two books.

2nd grade - Two books throughout the year.

3rd and 4th grades - Two books until Christmas break and then students are allowed three books.

***If students have special projects and need an extra book, we allow this with no worries!  This year our “Open Check Out” days will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; this is due to our class schedule each year!  Students may come at any time with teacher permission!



If a student damages a book to the point of repair costs, the set fee is $3.00 in the Goddard School district.  This helps pay for book tape and cleaning to get the book back onto the book shelf for other students.   If a book is damaged beyond repair a replacement fee is assessed.  We do require that parents pay for the books with cash or checks as we replace our books with library bound copies unless it is a paperback.  Replacement books are not the accepted practice of replacement for library books. 


Thank you,

Sheila Wagner

Apollo Librarian