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Grading Information

Grading Information

A   100.00-94.50

B   94.49-89.50

B+ 84.49-86.50

B   86.49-82.50

B-  82.49-79.50

C+ 79.49-76.50

C   76.49-72.50

C-  72.49-69.50

D+  69.49-66.50

D    66.49-62.50

D-   62.49-59.50

F    59.49-0.00

Marking System:

M= Consistently meets / masters the standard - MASTERING    100%-80%

P = Progressing towards the standard - IMPROVING     79.99%-69.99%

L= Limited progress towards the standard - NEEDS IMPROVEMENT - 69.99% - 0%

Grades will be entered from my written gradebook into Skyward every other Monday.  The Skyward Family access link to view your child's grades is :

When grading your child’s handwriting I am looking at the following:

-Uses Correct Size and Line Placement (are the letters the right size lowercase/capitals and are letters placed on lines properly)

-Uses Spacing Properly (are there proper spaces between words).

-Produces Neat Daily Work


The handwriting will reflect how I feel that your child is doing in the above areas using the marks below.

M-Mastered or Mastering


L-Limited Progress-Needs to improve