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Grading Policy

Grading Scale:

(for overall grades in reading, writing, language/grammar usage, math, science, and social studies)

(letter grades are color-coded with the marking system below)

A   100-95

A-   94-90

B+  89-87

B    86-83

B-   82-80

C+  79-77

C    76-73

C-   72-70

D+  69-67

D    66-63

D-   62-60

F    59-0

Marking System:

(for standards)

(color-coded with letter grades above)


M = Consistently meets / masters the standard

P = Progressing towards Standards

L = Limited progress towards the standard


I update my grades every week (usually on Friday).  If you have questions about your username and password for Skyward, please contact our office for assistance (794-4090). 

Below is the link to Skyward: