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Grading policies

Grading Scale:

(for overall grades in reading, writing, language/grammar usage, math, science, and social studies)

(letter grades are color-coded with the marking system below)

A 100-95

A- 94-90

B+ 89-87

B 86-83

B- 82-80

C+ 79-77

C 76-73

C- 72-70

D+ 69-67

D 66-63

D- 62-60

F 59-0

Marking System:

(for standards)

(color-coded with letter grades above)


M = Consistently meets / mastersthe standard

P = Progressing towards the standard

L = Limited progress towards the standard

Areas not marked are not assessed this peroid.


 If you have questions about your username and password for Skyward, please contact our office for assistance (794-4090).

Below is the link to Skyward:

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