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Class Policies and Procedures


I am using the agenda to convey assignments that I specifically assign as homework.  However, any work individual students do not finish during the school day is also homework.  If an individual does not complete work at school, it is his/her responsibility to write a note in the agenda, place the unfinished work in the agenda, take it home to finish, and turn it in the following school day.


In Spelling we will take the weekly pretest on Mondays.  Each child will be assigned a Spelling list based on how he/she performs on the pretest.  Students who spell all the words correctly will be in a more challenging list called Group 3.  We also have Group 1 (the first 15 words on the Spelling lists in the Open House packet) and Group 2 (all 17 or 18 words on the list).  Please look for your child to bring home the pretest on Monday, as her/his Spelling Group for the week will be listed at the top.  Also coming home on Mondays is a Spelling list with the week’s Reading Vocabulary.  You may want to hang that list in a visible location so your child can study both lists of words throughout the week.

Absent Work

If your child is absent I staple together the missed work with a brief explanation sheet and leave it on his/her desk (unless you request it be sent home with a sibling or neighbor).  Students have one extra day for each day absent to complete the work and return it to our class Absent Work basket.

Letter Grades

We do assign letter grades for the core subjects in 3rd grade.  The grading scale is as follows:

95 – 100% = A                         73 – 76% = C

90 – 94% = A-                         70 – 72% = C-

87 – 89% = B+                        67 – 69% = D+

83 – 86% = B                          63 – 66 % = D

80 – 82% = B-                         60 – 62% = D-

77 – 79% = C+                        59% and below = F


Graded Work

Graded work will be sent home in the navy blue Take Home Folder along with any papers from the school.  Students are learning to separate the papers that can stay at home (in the folder’s right pocket) and the papers from the school or that need to be returned to school (in the folder’s left pocket).

Corrected Work

I allow students to correct almost any work on which a child has earned a grade below C.  I usually write a reminder of this at the top of the graded assignment (“Please correct and return”).  If your child corrects and returns the assignment to our Corrected Work basket in a timely manner I will adjust the grade in my grade book. 


While our school district does not allow parties outside the three holiday parties, we are allowed to celebrate birthdays.  If you would like to bring or send treats for your child’s birthday please email me a few days in advance, so I can let you know the best time.  Please do not bring red or purple drinks, as these stain the floors.