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Homework Schedule

Monday: Read the weekly story

Tuesday: Library Book 

Wednesday: Math practice

Thursday: Book Choice & Spelling Words

Friday: Book Choice

Take Home Folders

Your child will have one yellow folder that will be designated as their “Take Home Folder”.  It will have important notes and graded papers for you and your child to review.  It also     includes a “Reading Log” homework sheet.  This sheet needs to be signed or initialed daily after your child reads their “book choice” to you. Remove all papers in the “keep at home” side.                  

**Please feel free to send me an email any time! I frequently check my inbox throughout the day.           

Homework and Expectations

Assignments not completed during the school day may be sent home as homework.  All work taken home is due the next morning when the children come into the classroom.  The plan is to complete the assignments in class so that it is not necessary to take them home.


Every night your child will have a reading assignment.  Information on the Home Reading Folders and Log were provided on the previous page.  The first few weeks of school are free choice reading. 


Please practice spelling words and read over the sight words.