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Homework and Expectations

Assignments not completed during the school day may be sent home as homework.  All work taken home is due the next morning when the children come into the classroom.  The plan is to complete the assignments in class so that it is not necessary to take them home.


Every night your child will have a reading assignment.  Information on the Home Reading Folders and Log were provided on the previous page.


Please practice spelling words each night and read over the sight words that I will provide in this packet as well. 


Daily Work Folders

Every night the students will come home with a RED Daily Work Folder.  Please take time to review all the work that is in the folder and to visit with your son/daughter about what they learned that day.  I will also put notes from the office as well as correspondence from myself in that folder.  PLEASE CHECK THESE EVERY NIGHT AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE RETURNED EVERY MORNING!  If you have any notes/communications, money, and lunch money that is to be sent to school, please put it in the red folder.  I check these every morning for items such as these. 


Blue Reading Folders

Every night the students will come home with a BLUE Reading folder.  In the folder will be a calendar for the month and reading log that must be signed each night of the week (M-F) by the person who has heard the child read for 20 minutes or more.  Please sign your initials and the book that was read along with the minutes read.  A nightly reading schedule will be assigned.  That schedule will be provided to you soon.