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Every week a list of the spelling words for the upcoming week will be sent home, allowing you time to begin practicing the words over the weekend before, if you would like. There will not be a pretest, only a final test  on  Friday.  Please be sure to work with your child throughout the week, practicing the words for the test Friday.  There will be a dictation sentence that will consist of words from the previous spelling words.  In second grade the students WILL NOT be given the sentence with the spelling list ahead of time. 

The students will need to always keep their spelling list inside of the back of their spelling folder (in the clear plastic pocket) with the most recent list on top.  PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE ANY OF THESE lists because the students will refer to the list throughout the week (even the past lists will be used throughout the year for writing. We will accumulate all spelling lists here – So by the end of the year the back pocket will be pretty full.) There will only be 1 spelling grade at the top of the test and recorded in the gradebook, so the dictation sentence will be included in that grade.  The dictation sentence will be graded as follows:  1 point for the capital letter, 1 point for the end mark, 1 point for each word spelled correctly.   

Please have your child practice writing the words on paper.  I will be counting off for any letters that are written backwards, illegible letters, unnecessary capital letters, or not capitalizing letters that need to be.  These will be expected to write their spelling words and dictations sentence with very neat handwriting.

Thank you for taking the extra time each week in helping your child to study and prepare for the monthly tests.  If you have any questions or concerns at any time, feel free to contact me.

Helpful Hint:

A fun way to have your child practice their spelling words is to have them type the words. They can do this on Microsoft Word or anything else you might have.  It is also good to not only have your child say the spelling of each word orally, but also write them on primary lined paper.  I would like them to be writing their letters neatly and correctly within the top, middle, bottom line as soon as possible.  If you need primary lined paper, please let me know.   Also, I will be taking off/counting off for letters that are backwards or capitalized (if they are not supposed to be).