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Policies and Procedures

Agendas and Binders:

  • Agendas and blue take home folders are sent home every night and brought back every day (please empty blue folders every night)
  • Agendas need a parent signature as sometimes I write important notes in their agendas
  • This is also a way that I tell students have done their homework
  • Feel free to jot down notes of your own as I check these every morning
  • Spelling lists are in the front pocket of the blue take home folder so you have all the lists for that unit


  • Contact me to set up a day to celebrate your child’s birthday
  • We LOVE birthdays and have a fun song to sing to celebrate your student’s birthday
  • Parents and family are welcome to celebrate with us
  • In the cafeteria, usually around 3:25

Classroom Rules:

  • Follow directions the first time you are asked.
  • Raise your hand for permission to speak or leave your seat.
  • We are a TEAM. Treat your classmates, school, and adults with respect.
  • Try your best and don’t make excuses.
  • Listen when others are talking.

Class Dojo/Money:

  • Students earn points throughout the week for positive behavior
  • Students lose points throughout the week for undesired behavior
  • We do bi-monthly “paydays” where we total up student points and turn it into money
  • That money can be used to buy classroom rewards
  • As a class, students are also earning points to work towards classroom goals

AR Reading:

  • Students are given an AR level and goal
  • Each nine weeks we will change levels and goals
  • Students are to be working towards making 100% of their goal with an 85% accuracy on tests
  • Students are given 20 minutes of silent reading each day during class and are expected to be reading at home to make their goals

Test Days:

  • Fridays are test days for reading (the weekly story – comprehension and vocabulary) and spelling
  • Students who pass the Monday spelling pretest get a list of challenge words that they will test over on Friday. Challenge words are all extra credit!


  • Monday: AR reading 
  • Tuesday: AR reading 
  • Wednesday: AR reading 
  • Thursday: Read weekly story and study vocabulary/spelling
  • Friday: AR reading
  • Weekend: BE A KID and PLAY!