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Policies and Procedures


The math program we use is called Envision Math. Each topic has a parent connection that we send out at the beginning. It will give you information about the topic we are working on and also ways you can help build on the skill at home. We will also KinderMath, which is an extra curriculum which helps us supplement Envision. This curriculum is very hands on and engaging.  Most of the math that you see at home will be from KinderMath.


The reading / phonics program we use is called Imagine It. We spend about the first 6 weeks quickly reviewing the entire alphabet. After that we focus on 2 letters a week. The monthly newsletter will keep you posted on what letters we are working on as well as what comprehension skills we are working on.  Your child will be bringing home decodable readers each week to work on. It is very important that you read these with your student as you get them, and continue reading them throughout the year.


The beginning of the year our writing time focuses a little more on developing our handwriting. The program we use for that is called Handwriting Without Tears. After we’ve got a little of that under our belt, our focus will shift more to actual writing. For this, we use KinderWriting. I will be saving writing samples from the beginning of the year to compare with writing at the end of the year. I think the kids will enjoy seeing their growth and improvement!

Sight Words

We will be learning 1 to 2 sight words per week. It doesn’t seem like a lot but it adds up very quickly. I cannot stress the importance of keeping up with sight words. Practicing at home makes a huge difference! I will send out a complete copy of the sight words for the year in September. The monthly newsletter will have the words we are working on for that month.

Parent Contact

It is important that we all work together as a team in order to help your child succeed. The best way to reach me is through my email or through the Class Dojo App. You can also call the school office at 794-4090. They can connect you to my classroom line. If I’m available I will answer the phone, or you can leave a voicemail.

I will send monthly newsletters that will let you know what’s going on in the classroom. Fairly often between newsletters, I will also send our reminder emails.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a point system that allows each student the opportunity to earn points throughout the day. Starting next week your child will be able to earn up to 12 points per day (subject to change).

Earning points throughout the day requires, participation, listening and following directions along with following classroom rules. Students will NEVER lost points, but they may get warning points. This is just so that you know if they were not on their best behavior for the day.

Once they reach 40 points, students will redeem their points for prizes or rewards. If you would like to donate prizes to our class that would be awesome!

I also post pictures and videos on the “Story” to help you keep up-to-date on what is going on in our classroom!

You will have access to your child’s Class Dojo account and will be able to see how they are doing at all times. Once we get started, I will send out specific log-in information for each child. You can download the free Class Dojo app to make this very quick and easy. You can also message me through the app if you have any questions.

Brag Tags

Brag Tags are incentive tags that your child can earn for positive behavior and choices that he/she makes during the school day. When they earn a tag, they place it on a necklace which will hang in the hallway. The students may get to wear their necklaces for special occasions. The Brag Tags are not meant to be taken home until the end of the year, but you are always welcome to come in and look at them!  I currently have about 45 brag tags and I will be adding more as the year progresses.  There are endless ways for students to earn tags, and the goal is to earn them ALL!

          Brag Tags help reinforce positive choices with positive reinforcement, which I am a firm believer in. This is an additional method to help students think about their actions throughout the day and year.


I will send out a monthly snack calendar. Each child will be assigned one day (sometimes two) every month to bring snacks for the class. Snacks should be something easy and quick as we eat in the classroom. Our snack time is only 10 minutes. If your child has an allergy please send a daily snack for your child in their backpack. When I send out the first snack calendar, I will let you know how many students we have in class. Any leftovers will be kept in our snack closet and will be used on a day when someone might have forgotten snack. We currently do not have a refrigerator in the classroom, so please send snacks that do not need to be kept cold.

Classroom Rules

Rule #1 – Follow directions quickly.

Rule #2 – Raise your hand for permission to speak.

Rule #3 – Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

Rule #4 – Make smart choices.

Rule #5 – Keep your dear teacher happy.