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Zones of Regulation


Zones of Regulation is a curriculum designed by Leah Kuypers, to help students gain skills in the area of self-regulation. (The ability to achieve the preferred state of alertness for a given situation.  This includes regulating one’s body’s needs as well as one’s emotions.)

BLUE ZONE:  Used to describe a low state of alertness.  Blue Zone is used to describe when one feels sad, tired sick, or bored.  TOOLS TO USE WHEN IN THE BLUE ZONE:  Jumping Jacks, Talk to  Someone, Stretch, Get a Drink of Water, Deep Breaths

GREEN ZONE:  Used to describe the ideal state of alertness.  A person may be described as calm, happy, focused or content.  The student is in control in the Green Zone.  TOOLS TO STAY GREEN:  Listen, Good Attitude, Sitting up, Focused, Participate

YELLOW ZONE:  Used to describe a heightened state of alertness.  A person maybe experiencing stress, frustration, anxiety, excitement, silliness, or fear.  TOOLS TO USE WHEN IN THE YELLOW ZONE: Positive self talk, Talk to Someone, Take a Walk, Get a Drink of Water, Chew Gum

RED ZONE:  Used to describe an extremely heightened state of alertness. A person maybe experiencing anger, rage, panic, terror, elation, explosive behavior.  TOOLS TO USE WHEN IN THE RED ZONE: Peace corner (area to calm down), Count to 10 Slowly, Deep Breaths, Color/Draw/Write, Talk to Someone, Get a Drink of Water

                                                      Info from:  The Zones of Regulation by Leah M Kuypers