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Sarah Ashcraft


Welcome to the Apollo Music Website

No concerts scheduled at this time. 

3rd and 4th are scheduled to play ukuleles and keyboards in the spring. 

All students will have their own Quaver (this is the online music curriculum) accounts under their Clever dashboard. Clever also hosts Lexia and Benchmark. If you would like to visit to check it out, please do! They have great resources.

If your 4th grade student would like to buy their own ukulele, please purchase it from a music dealer in Wichita, such as Damm Music, Garten’s Music, or Senseney Music, or a reputable website, such as or If you have questions, please contact me! 

There are also many ukulele learning videos you can find on YouTube, with parent supervision. One that I use in the classroom is Ukulele Mike. He is a teacher and posts many helpful tutorials. 

If your 4th grade student would like to buy their own recorder, please purchase the BAROQUE SOPRANO recorder from a MUSIC STORE in town (such as Damm Music Center or Senseney Music) or a music website (such as or Yamaha is the brand name of recorders the school owns and my personal recorder is a green MPI.

To wash recorder: place recorder in the top rack of the dishwasher (normal setting) or wash by hand and dry thoroughly before playing or storing to prevent mold growth.


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