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Discipline Procedure

Discipline Procedures

        Discipline is very important for maintaining an environment conducive to learning and managing the behavior of students.  While I do not anticipate any major behavior problems this year, I do have very high expectations for how the students will behave in my classroom.   I do have three basic rules to follow.


1. Respect yourself

2. Respect others

3. Respect property

I expect our classroom rules to be followed to keep everyone safe.  If  a child is having a difficulty with the rules, the following warnings and consequences will be given.

1st  – yellow – 2 thinking laps

2nd – blue – 4 thinking laps at recess

3rd -  red – student will stay in at “Encore recess” and fill out a “think sheet”

Each day, the kids can earn “Encore” time, which is 15 minutes of free recess.   This time is a privilege that the kids have to earn by following all classroom rules, turning in homework, and having their classroom work completed for the day.  This is NOT an extra recess.  Every student will be given 20 minutes for their regular recess.

I truly appreciate your support with this plan and please feel free to call with any questions!

 Mrs. Hubert