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Every night of the week your child should study their spelling words.  AN AWESOME RESOURCE TO GO TO: - this is a site called Spelling City which will allow your child to practice their words on the computer in various formats - games, activities, even tests.
Spelling tests will be given on Fridays.   
In second grade your child should make big gains in their reading ability, skills and reading fluency. In second grade we will focus on your child's reading ability, skills and reading fluency along with reading comprehension. If your child doesn't learn to read well and comprehend, they will struggle in other subjects. That is why it is important for you to ask your child comprehension questions about the stories as they read the nightly reading assignments with you.
Your child should read to you or another family member for a total of 20 minutes each night. Please sign, record minutes and story read in the Reading Log Sheet that should be kept in their Yellow Daily Folder. As your child fills up the reading log, they will then receive a reward for completing the readings.
We will have a nightly reading schedule. See below for the potential schedule.  This will be sent home at the beginning of the school year.  When you receive it, please keep it handy and post it at home on something like a refrigerator or board.  This schedule will consist of specific assignments for each night of the week such as reading textbooks, paperback leveled readers (to be returned to school the next day), library books and free choice books from home.   Your child will need to read for 20 minutes each night. If the stories are short, they will need to read additional stories or reread that story to you (there's nothing wrong with repetition).
Some kiddos are already reading chapter books and some might be just beginning to.   Chapter books such as Junie B Jones are good chapter books to begin with. They consist of easy-to-read words and familiar sight words. As your child advances in their reading level, they can read any other chapter books they may be interested in. These books can be read for their nightly reading assignments for fee choice, just sign that your child read 20 minutes of the book on the nightly reading log.
HOMEWORK SHEET – There may be a homework sheet that will begin coming home on Tues. evenings (just once a week) and due the following day that will consist of some math or reading skills that need extra practice.    Parents will be asked to help their children if need be and also sign the Parent Signature line.  We will inform you when these begin coming home. 
LEXIA -  Part of your child's nightly reading can also be getting on the Lexia Core 5 website.  Your child has been in the program enough that most of them have their username and password memorized.  This is a website that we will use all year to help us document part of your child's reading progress.  The website address is:  Teacher email:  Then they put in their username/password (they know it).  You are welcome to have your child use the program at home at any time and really for any length of time you have, even 10 to 15 minutes at night or more on the weekends.  They need to be doing it completely on their own.   Feel free to write this down on their reading calendar as part of their nightly reading.
Here is the Nightly Reading Schedule:
20 Minutes of Reading Each Night. .
Monday - Reading Textbook (weekly story) must be returned next day
Tuesday - Leveled Readers (These are the paperback books that will be sent home on your child's reading level. They must be returned the next day.)
Wednesday - Library Book/books
Thursday - Reading Textbook (weekly story) must be returned next day
Friday - Finish/Reread Library Books or Free Choice (or Sat or Sun - Just one night over the weekend)