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Parents Zone

Here is a very helpful website for parents. Once you know your child's guided reading level. You can enter this site and find thousands of books/stories on your child's reading level.

Here is a website that the district has purchased that provides online books at various reading levels.  Once my class is updated for the new school year and my new class is entered into this website at the beginning of the school year, your child will have an account set up in which they will be able to access several books on their specific reading level.  It allows them to read, listen to and take quizzes on each book.  This is a website that we will be using 2-3 times a week at school, so, it would be helpful if you can only have your child access this site no more than 2 times a week at home. Go to and under teacher name type in: coneslager.  Then your child will have to type in their student ID number that they use at school.  (They should know this number).  If not, email me.



Here is our online library. You can search for books in our library at Apollo as well as other libraries in the Goddard schools.


Here is another fun and helpful website with parent tips and much more. It's Scholastic for parents. Visit it soon.