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1st graders should know

Your first grader should know the following items.  Please sit down with them and ask them to tell you what the items are. They are growing in knowledge so much. Notice any items they may not know and work with your child on this area.


They should know how to tie their own shoes. Your child should know how to write their first and last name with Upper and Lower case letters correctly. Please start working with them if they are writing their numbers backwards to start self correcting.

Sight words:      I        like       to       and       are       you       do       see        the     of     with     was   for    said      this

no     of     with    was   she    what   not   look  at

made       my       is        there       a        that       on      they      me      we      has       go    when       have       he      

Numbers:    They should be able to recognize the written form

                   one       ten         two        nine       three       eight       four       nine

                   five      seven       six

They should be able to write their numbers at least to 20 and recognize written out numbers 1 – 100 if you pointed to any number.                     


Days of the Week:  They should be able to recognize the written form (mix them up when asking).    

                                 Sunday                              Wednesday              Saturday

                                 Monday                             Thursday

                                 Tuesday                             Friday


Months of the Year:   They should be able to recognize the written form (mix them  up when asking).

                                    January                         July

                                    February                       August

                                    March                           September

                                    April                             October

                                    May                              November

                                    June                              December                     


    Colors:                 red                                    blue                  orange                           

                                  purple                              green                 yellow

                                  brown                               white

                                  black                                 pink