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Science Updates-Scroll down for grade specific information.

 Each grade level will be planning and conducting investigations to solve real-world problems. The following are topics each grade level will be covering in the next weeks.

Kindergarten-Structure and Function:  Exploring Design

Essential Questions:  How do you know something has been designed by a person or a team of people? Why should a step by step process be followed to solve a problem? Why is the shape of an object important? Why is the structure of an object important? Why is the function of an object important?

First-Light and Sound

Essential Questions:  What are unique properties of light? What are unique properties of sound? How can people communicate over a distance?

Second-Matter and Materials Science: Properties of Matter

Essential Questions:  Is it more important when designing a consumer product (toy, tool, or tennis shoe) to select a material that will last a long time, or material that doesn’t cost too much? Why? Why can some changes caused by heating or cooling not be reversed?

Third-Stability and Motion: Science of Flight

Essential Questions:  How do balanced and unbalanced forces impact airplane flight?

How does working on a team help when solving design problems?

Fourth-Energy: Collisions

Essential Questions:  How are potential and kinetic energy related? What happens to energy during a collision?