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Discipline Letter

Mrs. Vieta’s Discipline Procedure

It is with pleasure that I welcome your child to my class.  In order to guarantee your child, and all the students in the classroom, an excellent, safe learning climate they deserve, I am utilizing the following Classroom Discipline Plan.  By all of us working together this will insure your child a successful and happy school year.  Following our P. A. W. S. program in very important to the overall learning atmosphere in our classroom.  Therefore, this plan will be in effect at all times. 

Through my P.A.W.S. Program, I focus on positive behaviors in school.  When a student is caught using good “P.A.W.S.” behavior, they are rewarded with a ticket.  All tickets are placed in our P.A.W.S. canister and are collected each Friday.  On Monday, there is a drawing from each category (Positive, Accountable, Well-Mannered, Safe) is selected to win a prize.  There are many prizes, but some include: a free homework pass, small toys, books, small treats, free time, etc.

Anytime a child does not follow the behavior plan, they will receive a slip like the one below.  It will be stapled to their discipline calendar the day it was given, starting in September.  The slip will need to stay attached to the discipline calendar to be signed and returned the next day.

Though I would like to give out only P.A.W.S. tickets for good behavior, there are certain guidelines and boundaries that have to be set during the school day.  There are many appropriate and inappropriate behaviors that happen at school.  Each day your child will start out on BLUE… is Top Dogs & Best in Show!!! JJJ

Let’s start with the positive part of my discipline plan.  If a child does not receive a behavior slip during the day that is GREAT & if a child does not receive any behavior slips during the week, they will receive a P.A.W.S. positive behavior ticket.  As stated previously, a child can receive these tickets at other time during the day when they are caught using good P.A.W.S. behavior.

If a child has not been following the rules, they will receive a behavior slip.   I will highlight which behavior was not being utilized correctly.

BROWN… is Dog-Gone Good a child will receive 1 verbal warning before receiving an OOPS behavior slip.  In the past, I’ve given a TON of warning…which led to problems where discipline is involved.  So…this year, (for each day) there will be 1 warning.

GREEN… is Ready to Play - 1 highlight will mean a child will miss 5 minutes of recess. 

YELLOW… is Tail Tucked - 2 highlights will mean a child will miss 5 minutes of recess plus fill out a think sheet that will need signed by a parent/guardian.

ORANGE… is Ruff Day - 3 highlights will mean a child will miss 10 minutes of recess plus fill out a think sheet that will need signed by a parent/guardian and call parent/guardian.

RED… is In the Dog House – 4 highlights will mean a child will miss 10 minutes of recess, fill out a think sheet that will need signed by a parent/guardian, call parent/guardian, and be in the Dog House for 30 minutes.

***When a child is acting out this much in class, we will need to find alternative interventions to help your child be more successful!

***The harming of a child is not tolerated in anyway.   A child will receive an automatic discipline referral to the Principal’s Office if this happens.

Some very important aspects of this are:

  1. I will use kind words, Synergize, work together, Sharpen the Saw, be ready to learn, and have a good attitude.
  1. I will follow directions, be responsible, do First Things First, be in charge or Proactive, and hand in my homework.

   W. I will Seek First to Understand, listen to adults, find a Win-Win Situation and I will use good behavior in the bathroom, classroom, hallway, lunchroom, and recess.

    S. I will Begin with the End in Mind, keep my hands and feet to myself, I will not use inapproinappropriate behavior in the bathroom, classroom, hallway, lunchroom, or recess that could  could result in someone getting hurt.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me by phone (794-4090) or email at         

Thank You,     
Mrs. Vieta

Please cut, sign, & return

I have read and discussed this with my child, and we understand your P. A. W. S. Program.



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