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Mountain Math: Mountain Math consists of 24 questions weekly. The questions will be the same weekly, however the numbers will change weekly. Students have at least 15 minutes every day to work on this assignment. On Thursday each team is allowed to have one problem worked out together in class. This allows everyone to get 4 "free" answers each week. For the first 4 weeks Mountain Math will be completed together as a class. Starting in Week 4, I will take pictures of the Mountain Math bulletin board to send to parent emails.  Students have their math textbooks and a math vocabulary section in their STAR binders to use for assistance.

Math Lessons:  Each math topic (chapter) typically consists on 6-10 lessons. We will take about 2 or 3 math tests each month. An email reminder will be sent out to remind parents of tests.

Multiplication Facts: Students MUST know their multiplications facts. Please find time to study flash cards or play multiplication games on the computer or iPads.