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HAVE YOU FILLED A BUCKET TODAY?  During the first classroom guidance lesson the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today by Carol McCloud is read.  According to the book, everyone has an invisible bucket.  The purpose of the bucket is to hold the positive thoughts we feel when others are kind and respectful to us. Our bucket is also filled when we say or do thoughtful things for others.  Both of those experiences make us feel happy.  However, dipping from a bucket happens when negative, unkind or hurtful actions are done by you or others.  Bucket dipping makes you and others feel sad. Everyone's invisible bucket is either being filled or dipped from daily. The goal for staff and students at Apollo is to create a kind, respectful school environment where bucket filling activities become a habit and way of life not only at school, but also in their homes and community. Throughout the school year, bucket filling challenges and activities will happen at Apollo.


SEPTEMBER:  Being a good citizen

OCTOBER: Smile and see how many buckets you fill:-)

NOVEMBER: Compliment others

DECEMBER: Random Act of Kindness each week

JANUARY: Recyle/Reuse/Reduce

FEBRUARY: Using manners

MARCH: Helping others

APRIL: Community Service Project

MAY: Being a positive leader