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GROUPS---- Will Start In October

As part of our school's developmental guidance program, students are invited to participate in small group counseling sessions.  Children who share a common concern meet together with the counselor to talk and share. The group will meet once a week for 20 minutes during a 6 week period.  Our meeting format will include discussion and activities. Permissions notes to attend groups will be sent to parents a week before groups begin.  


DIVORCE:  This group is for students who are experiencing or who have experienced a divorce in their families.  Students are encouraged to ask questions, clarify conflicts, and share feelings regarding divorce. Experience shows that the greatest benefit from this group is the support children feel from each other.

FRIENDSHIP: This group is for students that want to explore characteristics of a good friend, how to be a friend, and initiating new friendships.  Students are encouraged to ask questions, clarify thoughts, and share feelings regarding peer relationships.