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Mountain Math

Mountain Math

1. Write this number.___________________________________________________

1. Is this number even or odd?____________________________________________

1. Round this number to the nearest ten._____________________________________

1. Round this number to the nearest hundred.__________________________________

1. Round this number to the nearest thousand.__________________________________

1. Round this number to the nearest ten thousand.________________________________

1. What number is 100 less than this number?____________________________________

1. What number is 100 more than this number?___________________________________

1. What number is 1000 less than this number?____________________________________

1. What number is 1000 more than this number?___________________________________

1. Write in expanded notation._________________________________________________

2. Write this number._________________________________________________________

3. What is this numeral?_______________________________________________________

4. Put in order from the least to the greatest______________________, _______________________ , _______________________

4. Estimate the sum________________________________________Find the actual sum______________________________

5. Name the fractional quantity_________________________________________________

6. Find the sum or difference._____________________________________________________

7. Did the temperature increase or decrease?___________________________________________

7. What is the difference in the temperature?______________________________________________

8. Write the correct answer.____________________________________________________________

9. Change this number to a mixed number, whole number, or reduce to lowest terms.________________________________

10. Fill in the missing number.__________________________________________________________

11. A. Add these numbers________________________B. Now subtract them_________________________

12. What is the place value of the top digit in each number?





13. Name point F on the number line.______________________________________________________________

14. Write the correct product__________________________15. Write the correct quotient_____________________

16.__________________________________>         <           =   __________________________________

17. Which item would most likely have this weight or capacity?________________________________________

18. Is this a right, acute, or obtuse angle?___________________________________________________________

19. Is the transformation a translation, rotation, or reflection?________________________________________

20. Find the perimeter.___________________________________________Find the area____________________________

21. What time is it now?_________________________What time will it be in 3 hours?________________________________

21. What time was it 2 1/2 hours ago?________________________________________________

22. Write four math sentences from the same number family using this number.

_______________________________________                    _______________________________________

_______________________________________                    _______________________________________

22. List the factors including one._________________________________________________________

23. Write the missing number._______________________________________________________________

24. What is the value of the money?_____________________________________________________________

24. How much more money would you need to make $10.00?___________________________________________

24. If you already have $5.45, how much will you have altogether?_________________________________________


Current Weather


Temperature: 93˚F

Current Condition: Clear

Wind Speeds: 16.77mph

Chance of Precipitation: 0%

5-day Outlook

Temperature: 94/74
Partly cloudy starting in the evening.
Temperature: 92/71
Partly cloudy until evening.
Temperature: 83/67
Rain in the afternoon and evening.
Temperature: 87/65
Mostly cloudy until afternoon.
Temperature: 87/72
Heavy rain in the evening.

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